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Insight - Friendships across Generations

“Isn’t your friend Martha 80 something?” Our son waited for confirmation.

“You are the same type of people, Mom." He smiled. “That’s why you are friends.”

Then, he paused in a moment of pensive reconciliation. “Didn’t know it worked like that — you know, getting along with people. Cool.” I didn't really get a word in. Plus, I was mesmerized by J's observation.

Our friends were exceptional in how their hospitality included everyone.

Bill, our host, entertained us playing jazz improv. Then encouraged our son to take over the keys and play his pieces and to improv as well.

Our tween had added to the discussion over a wonderful dinner. The gathering had exposed him to inter-generational friendship.

How often do we create opportunities for tweens and aged-experience adults to be in the same conversation?

It is important for these two generations of spiritual teachers to interact. J’s insight reminded us, as parents, that we all can learn from what is shared when friends across generations are in conversation with each other.

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