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Enough parties, it’s time for Politics of Sound Mind

Here’s the thing: As a voting adult, I’d like to consider an idea and then make decision.

So, let’s say ✅I agree with healthcare ideals but think we have to refine taxation approaches. ✅I agree with school funding. And, think after this reign of the ministry of magic, 🔜we should hold a responsible amnesty. ✅Let’s fund some dedicated immigration judges, get some real and updated rules on the table. ✅I want to work in a corporation, believe in making money 💸💰because money is our means to change; and, ✅want corporations to contribute to change, via what the people who run them and their product/service does for society and, believe in citizens and corporations being ✅environmentally responsible 🌎🌍🌏and showing up with tangible contributions when the hat is passed around for “funds for our collective good”. I don’t want to be labeled as some flavor of the month, splintered member, concocted by reflection of the right side of the brain which can only live in the compartmentalized world. Nope. I want to show up as a force of like-minded people who can get to a pretty decent version of a shared world vision. Because quite frankly, it’s not about my individual impulse. It’s about being of sound mind and being able to decide how to conserve the ideas of individual rights and freedoms that matter. It's about progress past those that are falling short of what is good for humankind, within our nation, and even beyond our nation’s boundaries.

Doing the best thing for our nation might require a party that is nimble enough to encompass and tolerate many views.

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