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Music education transforms you: A letter to my son's teachers

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Today I am sharting the note I wrote and wished that I sent to my son's music teachers. Somehow you hope that those instructors know that they make a difference. For all of the teachers out there, I hope our letter about our son is an acknowledgement from all the students who you've taught along the way. Music education transforms a student in many ways. We are so grateful for all that you do.

Hello music teachers,

We’d like to invite you to Jason’s senior showcase performance 2:30 pm on Saturday, June 3rd, at his high school.

To catch you up a bit, Jason continued on with music education though his secondary school career. Finally landing on voice and chamber choir by the end of junior year. He even entered the NATS Musical Theater competition. He placed 1st at State, and 3rd at regionals (OR, BC, WA, OR) in Upper Level Division, Tenor, Baritone, Bass. His high school chamber choir received its first invitation to the State completion in more than a decade. They placed 16th, making them a top 20 choir. Oregon has 124 choirs statewide.

Jason was cast as a principle in every show in Senior year. His focus on choir, theater, and musicals, has given him a deep appreciation for his musical education and a hunger for what he has yet to learn.

He was accepted into the Theater Arts Program, Musical Theater Concentration at Howard University, however, he decided not to go far from home. He is going to University of Oregon where he is currently undecided but plans to include music in his studies.

We are confident that this path of academic and personal discovery is the best option for him. He practices (piano, voice, ukulele) on his own. Listens to recordings, pulls out voicing, and invites friends over to harmonize while he comps on piano and sings.

Jason remembers and laughs at the days where he, his sister, and I practiced ear training at home, learned intervals, and I had to be so strict to get them to do their practice sessions. Recently, he told me, “I wish I was a better sight reader.” Alas, there is still time.

Jason has a lot to learn but he is willing. It has been amazing to watch this kid who took so many bathroom breaks in lessons, finally settle into finding joy in the camaraderie, execution, and performance of music and theater.

The program for Saturday’s June 3rd’s performance is attached. All are welcome.

We are so thankful for the role that each of you played in getting Jason to where he is today.

Practice sessions, scales, and sometimes pleading to get it done all added up to such a beautiful set of accomplishments. If only we had known, we might have enjoyed the process a bit more. In the end, our son has the building blocks that he needs. Music changed his perspective about what it takes to pursue a goal. He knows that pursuing a goal takes time, energy, love, and people who will support you. Sticking with a goal takes courage and the ability to trust the process, even when you might feel things aren't moving forward. Music education provides huge life lessons and the gift of learning how to appreciate what it takes to make music.

Parents hang in there. Support any positive interest that your child may have for their music education. Music education is a journey. Go along for the ride.



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