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I keep availability for several executive coaching engagements. My integral coaching method supports leaders in their capacity to be present and harness their unique qualities to advance the business and value contribution. It unlocks clarity for leaders on how to deepen the contribution each member can make to their team and overall organization. 

Certified Integral Coach, New Ventures West 


One to one personal leadership coaching

Team development and outcomes program

Organizational intake, assessment, and development program 



Industrial Engineering, Human Factors


Industrial Engineering, Management Systems Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Coaching made me stop, reflect, and explore. It helped me look at things with more depth. I would not have looked so broadly had I not had a coach to help me. It was a very positive experience." 

Leadership Development Executive

Kaiser Permanente


I had career coaching in the past. Your coaching was different from those experiences. I felt more talkative. I felt this is for me and it is for me holistically. I’ve been able to see the value and the benefit. I’ve actually told so many people about it and that they should consider getting a coach." 

Marketing and Operations Manager

Intel Corporation


I’ve talked with a lot of people about it because it’s different from anything else I’ve ever done. You are basically trying to show me how to change myself without telling me how to do it." 

Patient Care Analyst

Oregon Health and Science University