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Updated: Aug 23

I can’t say exactly how many times I have written about "the slap-down." More than a dozen times including comments on social. The story consumes us. From my lens as an integral coach, I see Will's lack of life integration, front and foremost — he is compartmentalized: his career and marriage, at odds. I hope these parts of life get better for him in the future.

Let's face it. The Oscar incident demonstrates that Will, like many of us, has never been "all together."

I am not condoning what Will did when he had his very public, human, broken moment. Under pressure, Will Smith unraveled.

Our society purports that money and accomplishments mitigate human failings. Band-Aids them, maybe. But heals them, almost never. The work to heal your trauma is your work.

So where do we go from here? We focus on our collective selves and why this incident has garnered so much attention in a post-pandemic, divided, war-torn world. Perhaps, we are drawn to the story because we understand what it is like to be under pressure. More importantly, we know what it feels like when pressure no longer holds us together.

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