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Hope: Year 10

Ten years ago when we elected the first black president: Did we envision the resistance of the current backlash movement? I want to remind us that nothing coalesced the force we are dealing with today more strongly than the symbolism of change and hope. Let’s remember the negative force that started this movement to turn back the clock is fear. The opposite of hope. Fear now masquerades as leadership. It’s gone global. And, it only ever has one theme: What it will lose if life is fair for everyone. It is the constant refrain of lack. So, as the mouth pieces of fear clack constantly, almost endlessly: Don’t get distracted. 10 years ago, Hope won. And, we said, “Yes, we can.” Then, we did. This is what Hope winning looks like. A decade later we must clean up and ‘fess up to everything and everyone who didn’t believe a world built on hope was possible. It is. We are in it. And it is worth standing for. We are in Hope. Year 10. Don’t be weary. Vote. Regardless of the outcome, fair will outlast fear. It’s only a matter of time.

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