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Exciting News: Slyn Publishing Joins Forces with Speak Out Revolution

To read Delia's experience, check out the 2-part article: Power Dynamics in the Tech World: Uncovering “Mobbing” in the Workplace.

​Hey everyone,


I've got some fantastic news to share! At, we're making a big change for an even bigger impact. We're putting a pause on our independent data collection efforts for mobbing and workplace group aggression. Instead, we're partnering up with Speak Out Revolution, a powerful advocate for better workplaces.​


Speak Out Revolution has a dashboard with 1000+ workplace incidents reported, showing their dedication to this cause. And guess what? We're stepping up our game too. We're updating our 2022 articles on mobbing, and link them directly to Speak Out Revolution's comprehensive data collection form.​


I'm Delia Grenville, Founder of Slyn Publishing, LLC, and I'm excited to be teaming up with Marie Hemingway, Cofounder of Speak Out Revolution.​This journey is about creating respectful and inclusive workplaces. Keep an eye out for those updated articles, and don't miss your chance to contribute through Speak Out Revolution's form.​


Thanks for being part of this positive change!​


Delia Grenville

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