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Pioneering Transformation

To read Delia's experience, check out the 2-part article: Power Dynamics in the Tech World: Uncovering “Mobbing” in the Workplace.

Hey Everyone, 


I'm excited to introduce our LinkedIn group, the "Workplace Respect Network." Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformation, starting with our inaugural-year focus on "Spot Mobbing and Stop Mobbing."

While we acknowledge that social media is filled with stories of workplace mobbing, our goal is to redirect the conversation toward a more positive and constructive direction. We're dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to identify mobbing and, crucially, to transform workplace dynamics.

Here's a sneak peek of our initial charter:

Educational Initiatives: Our group will provide educational resources to assist members in recognizing various forms of workplace disrespect, including mobbing. Understanding the signs and consequences of mobbing will enable us to collectively advocate for respect and work to stop mobbing when it surfaces, thereby transforming workplace cultures.

Policy and Advocacy: "Workplace Respect Network" will ardently advocate for policies and practices that foster respect and inclusivity within workplaces. Our goal is to bring about a transformation in the way organizations approach and address these issues, promoting a culture of respect and safety.

Support and Resources: We will furnish resources, support, and guidance to those who have experienced or witnessed mobbing. This includes information on how to spot mobbing, how to report it, and what steps to take to address it. Our aim is to support the transformation of individuals impacted by mobbing into empowered advocates for change.

Promoting a Culture of Respect: Members are encouraged to cultivate a culture of respect within their own workplaces. By fostering respectful behavior and open communication, they can indirectly contribute to putting an end to mobbing and drive a transformation toward inclusive, respectful environments.

Together, let's be the driving force behind a transformative shift in the workplace, creating environments of respect, dignity, and inclusivity. Thank you for joining the Workplace Respect Network, where transformation begins.

Best regards,


Delia Grenville

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