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Check your cause's ego at the door

July 27, 2020

You know when two roads meet. This happens in my home town, Toronto. The QEW Eastbound overlaps with the 401 Westbound. How can you being going East and West at the same time? It is even more confusing nowadays with the constant narration of the the GPS. And, it also happens where I live now, in this loop downtown in a cloverleaf where all the highways seem to be on top of each other.


The GPS with its incessant chatter does one of two things. Talk too much. Telling you all the roads are there. Or talk to little because its confused about where you are. I consider the GPS, something like the media, or those countless ridiculous comment wars telling people how to be or where to be. Do you know what road they are on really?


I see so much fretfulness.


I see and hear identification with a particular cause, unraveling into the ego identification. "White people are taken over black lives matter." "I'm overshadowing black people and the cause by saying that I'm in the the wall of moms." "Why are we out here?" "We aren't uniform?" "MY cause is not known." "OUR agenda is not being followed." So much identification with the cause or causes. But, is that what we are doing?


So, now, is our issue going to be that the causes can't overlap as the roads head in the same direction.  Are we going to say that's not possible?


We have the most mind-identified leader in the so-called "free world". Don't think for a moment that he is confused about creating infighting. This is a strategy of at the moment of unification, allow the egos of the causes to divide and conquer.


It's perfectly okay for #wallofmoms, #wallofdads, #veteransforpeace, and #fedsgohome to overlap with #blacklivesmatter #blm


Do you get off your course when the highways overlap? C'mon folks. We are bigger than this.

Stay on your course. The roads will separate to the respective destinations but while they are together, there is strength in numbers.

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