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Rock Stars and Roadies: The Parenting Dilemma

June 14, 2018


The 7th graders are going to perform their original songs at Mississippi Studios this week. My husband  and I were so excited to see the performances. Well, that's not happening.

Just a couple of days ago, we came to understand that the 7th graders are going to the food trucks, having roadies, getting the rock star treatment and being recorded with themselves.


No parents.

We continued on with dinner as though all was well. 


It was explained to us as "Mom, Dad, are you 7th graders? Of course you can't come."(insert "boy, you two are living in your own make belief parent world" emoji here).

Once we had a moment to talk by ourselves, we wondered if our parents had experienced the same thing. All the cool places, they paid for — before they had ever been themselves. All those enriching life experiences given to us, with them wishing parents could come.

We laughed! It only takes 20-30 years for us to have the full picture.


{Repost from 6/13/2015} 

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