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Post Mother’s Day Feels: Embrace Your Brand of Mothering

May 14, 2018

Every Mother’s Day since this whole social media thing, I completely enjoy all of the outpouring to mothers here and mothers gone, from daughters, sons, husband, wives, sisters, friends, and so many special loved ones.

I hardly get anything done during my tech time because there are so many stories, pictures, videos and I really like to look at all of them. I do.  


You do not have to have a child of your own. And sometimes the person in your care is older than you. That happens! But if you choose to take the call, it is always one that maps your heart (geotags it) and makes it a bit bigger.


Expand your life where the opportunity for mothering shows up. I know, it sounds kooky, right?


▫️Mothering is a way that we nurture, shelter, draw a line, shed light, demand attention, behavior or compliance. 

▫️ Mothering is how we stand and how we forgive. 

▫️Mothering is how a tower of strength can be a vulnerable as a squishy piece of jelly, and in the next moment protect with a stinging defense.  


▫️Mothering is not a gender thing. Some of the best mothers look like fathers.  


Embrace and evolve your brand of mothering. You never know when a colleague, friend, classmate, can do with exactly the type of mothering only you can offer.  


I cannot wait to see all the posts and pictures from next year. And, I’ll end here with what has become a practice in my reflection of this day — Thanks to our dear planet for mothering us all. We are so blessed to be here. Namaste. Peace.❤️

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