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A Granny Special: Her love and legacy in dresses

May 13, 2018

Before we go on to celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m glad that I have a little Hyoism to share with you.

Our mother, Hyacinth Grenville, and her cousin in the cream  hat, who we all call Mum, loved to shop for granddaughters and grandsons. Combined they had their fair share. And, Mum, Eunice Hackett, even has great grands. 


This week the legacy of that shopping lives on.


For some reason, who knows why, maybe because I’m a sentimental hoarder 😊, I could never put all those pretty dresses that were so lightly worn in the Goodwill.   I would even tell my own Hyo bird that I wanted to give a dress away to a friend who had a daughter or something like that.  And, she would say, with disbelief, “Giive it away.  Did Aislyn wear it? Once is fine.  I buy them for her to enjoy.  Let some other child enjoy it”  But then I was really still very selective and kept almost all of them.




In 2010, enter my niece and goddaughter, 8 years after her cousin.  And, my biggest pleasure is that I have these saved gems.   My mom’s  hand selections are handed on for another wear by my darling niece, her second granddaughter.   


My hope is my sister will return  these precious gems to their storage at some point and we will continue my Mom's legacy. It won’t be too long before a granny special ( as my daughter named these dresses) can be worn by another generation.


My Mom and her cousin really knew how to pick them.  Girly, timeless, and customizable. The dresses live on and the memories they are making will last forever.

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