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A Private Conversation: Do you know where that pain is coming from?

May 5, 2018

A tight pelvic flooor.  Read more. Watch video.

So....this is a PSA. Dude, so many folks are going to be like what????? This is for women and men too. Your back, knee, hip, ankle, toe, shoulder pain, may actually be originating from your pelvic floor. I mean most people’s bodies are so skillful in facilitating denial that only a small percentage are experiencing the felt pain in their privates. Privates are taboo. Even our nerve endings know to call it in from our knees.

Mobility is so important. I know so many people men and women who aren’t taking the time to look for knots, to roll out tight muscles, and who don’t integrate massage into their self-care. Yikes! 

Most therapists believe incontinence which can be the final result of tight muscles (aka your exercise routine without mobility or stretching), or scar tissue from childbirth surgery or hernia, or stress at work it has to go somewhere (crevices are great places to hide), or tight muscles that develop from extended limit range of motion (sitting or standing all day at work).

So, if you’ve been following me on this topic over the last couple of years, the new science is that incontinence is unnecessary, pelvic pain is unnecessary, instead you can go to a therapist and get yourself realigned, relaxed, and ready to include mobility in your self care.


This video makes light of what might be tight. Good for them!! Well done 

If you are bent over and you don’t know why, consider that your pelvic floor might be looking for well deserved attention.

*Men, if you have mysterious back tightness, knee, or lower extremity pain without explanation, consider your pelvis. 


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