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Guyana: Spring Break or Bust

April 23, 2018

Jason and I arrived at 10:44 for our 11:45 flight to Miami. We have planning this for months. On the evening of his 13th birthday we would journey to where our known family history began.

And, we would do the undoable.

We would break my Dad free of a word spell. “We ain’ goin’ back home” which moved to the “I” version last year.

All I’ve ever responded is “they have hotels, you know.”

So, two of our most “own way” and “hard ears” direct descendants and me, are traveling together. I am not saying I am not the 3rd. There’s a reason the universe created this trio. 



So far, Jason’s comments are crack up.
-Mom, It’s like soup. (about the humidity).
-I have never seen so many black people in one place my life. Me: We are flying to Suriname the flight is 75% Indian, white, mixed race, some indigenous . So hang on.
-this country is super proud of it’s flag and its colors. The terminal is what I imagine PDX would be like if Portland were a country and we could decorate in the airport carpet theme and our flag.

The trip down memory lane last night in the dark was like a kid getting Christmas gift - wonder and delight. Best comment. “Snap. There are street lights here. We used to drive in a land rover.” Yep and paved roads,  and other modernizations,etc. 


50 years of progress.  Not to mention the Georgetown Marriott, Guyana is fly.


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