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Arpeggios #Tweenlife - Why We Practice with Our Kids

January 12, 2018

I was sight singing with our son before he did his piano playing.  First, we rhythm read, sing the notes, then play.


When I asked, "Did you see a pattern in the notes?"  He pointed and said "It's an incomplete arpeggio."


So, I sang " I can sing high and sing low."  The lyrics  match In the sound of an arpeggio. The exercise is a well known vocal warm-up. And, an easy way for you to vocally manoever an arpeggio in any key.

Well, it is a hot and cold, tug of war with practice with our daughter. But today, she finished her practice and said "May I share a song with you to help Jason with arpeggios?"


The wonderful song is below.


Then, I asked her why she gives me such a rough time for her to practice.  Especially, if she loves this song and its lyrics.


She giggled and ran away.


I guess you just never know how practicing with them is going to show up in how they live life with you.  I was glad to learn something new about our daughter; and,of course, her brother was delighted by such a classic.


original post (1.8.2015)



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