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The Fly Away

January 4, 2016

We made our 2nd annual pilgrimage up to Seattle for the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Washington Open meet. Our son placed 7th in his age group. Last year, the big accomplishment was getting muscle-up for the first time.

I rarely see him practice during the year, like maybe 2x , if I'm lucky. So, during meet season, it's eye-opening to see the improvement.


It takes a tremendous amount of discipline and dedication to focus on year-over-year improvement. Our son has a great understanding of the long-view from his coach. He enjoys the high bar routine the most. In it, he gets a planned five-tenth deduction. His coach has opted out of the interim move for his level but instead has trained him on the advanced move called Fly Away.


Our son: "Coach says ‘Let them deduct away. The goal isn't to stay a Level 5 gymnast forever.’"


The heart in that statement. The wisdom in it. The courage to make the investment in your future. The loving of that routine the most, anyway. I get chills every time I hear his little boy voice saying it to me. Gives me some direction for my own training and my overall life process in 2016.


The goal is to get where you are going; not to stay as you are forever.





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