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People versus Parties

December 13, 2017

We are heading back to first principles. Here’s how. “Elect a candidate that represents what you value as a society.”

I’ve been reading and reflecting on many comments written by people in Alabama.

The People
In their comments, people wrote about the election activities.  They canvassed, knocked on doors, talked in conversations, and reminded people there was another way to vote other than going with their party affiliation.

There was a lot of genuine caring written in those short snippets.  Doug Jones won because neighbors, friends, families asked each person to go out and vote for the person who was the best for the job. Many I am sure put their party affiliation aside.


The Media
I am also concerned because I saw several claims in the media framimg the election result as a Progressive win. But is it though? I think it is more than that.


The Party
In my opinion, there is a distinction:  All party-affiliated voting is limiting. Partisan voting was for another time and place.

Instead, voting for people who represent the core values of a 21st century America, regardless of their party, hue, beliefs, or gender will yield the positive change we are ready for.

In 2016, we hit the rock bottom of party politics.


I am not diminishing the party system. I am pointing out that there is a call to action to remind us the party doesn’t trump the human running for election. We should vote for the person. The party will emerge as a composite of each elected person.  


The Score

On the scoreboard between people versus parties, the people got another win. 

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