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Ever interview for a job, volunteer work, or even tried to convince your youngest family member to let you chaperone a school event? I can help you. Here are three must-share points for the next time you want to close on the opportunity right in front of you. Share three things: the essentials about you, your talent defined as a set of characteristics, and your unique gift which is your "secret sauce."


No matter what it says in my job title, I have done almost one thing exclusively for the last 40 years.

I am a Fixer.

Learn how to write your story with my “JUMPSTART” statement  

I am passionate about this process and believe it to be incredibly important to prepare for every new professional opportunity.
I’d love to share my my story with you.

If you hire me or work with me here's what you should know: Going back as far as babysitting jobs where I sat for quadruplets, or, summer jobs at my mother’s accounting department,  I’ve learned to be and hone my natural tendency to be a Fixer.

1 - The Essentials

My job no matter what, when stripped down, was about fixing some process. Some situation or some future context that wasn’t working and required reshaping.


2 - The Talent Defined

Fixers who do the work I do, dare to have at it, even when the course is ill-defined. We know we bring our toolkit. In my case, this includes traditional skills of my discipline in engineering and those of early in the life-cycle product development. 


3 - The Secret Sauce

My unique gift is recognizing organizational patterns, when I see them, and when I am in them. I’ve worked with other Fixers, each with their own unique set of gifts.


Your Story is like your message for the right opportunity, right team, and right situation.

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